May 28, 2008

The Walnut Creek Linear Park here in TX!

Going to the park has become somewhat of a lil Sunday tradition. It's just so beautiful and there is just so much to see! Anything from the turtles in the ponds, to the vast amount of green..everywhere, to the crazy bugs (including the tarantula that Matt almost stepped on last Sunday!!) Not too sure about the crazy bug part.. Here are some fun pictures from last Sunday!

Matt and I lovin on each other! We have to get a pic like this everywhere we go!

Matt The Monkey! We found this crazy jungle like tree rope just hanging we thought we would put it to good use!

Jungle Fever!

Our friends dog, Psyches, tryin to eat the turtle.

Look at the crazy design on this turtles stomach!

Just pulled him out of the water...and he does not look too happy!

Spot the turtle!


Preston & Shawnee said...

How fun!! Is this the park right behind the one we had the bbq at? It's so pretty. And the tarantula story is CRAZY. I would have freaked out. Your blog is lookin so cute Tanya! P.S. Love the Texas song, hehe :)

Liesl said...

Looks like you guys are just making yourselves at home. Tanya where are your picks on the rope swing?:)

Megan & Brock said...

Girl that place is beautiful. I am jealous, it looks so peaceful! So what do you do while Matt is working? Babies... Well yes we do want more. We will probably start trying soon def by the end of summer!! We said we would be prego already when krew was born but things change.( being a mom is harder than it looks) Who knows.. but i'm Excited! What about you? Still waiting?