Jun 22, 2009

Why You So Aaannnggrrrryyyyy

Slowly but surely we are learning the New York driving language. Aside from the middle finger, the "f" word screamed loud and clear, and the constant speeding, I really feel we now know how to communicate while driving.

Number one..You have a horn...so use it. Honk at anyone at anytime...even if they are stopped at a red light. Honk at them repeatedly. Like I said before, you have a horn, make it heard.

Number two...Who said you cant stop right in the middle of a two lane street? Thats right. You stop anywhere you like and who really cares about the speed limit? 55 to O in a second flat baby. The car behind you better watch it.
Number three... If you are a pedestrian and you want to cross a busy street, you wait for no one. You cross that street honey. You aint got all day! Time is money baby. Watch out for the yellow ones though..they dont stop.

On a brighter note, Matt and I were feeling adventurous on Sunday so we walked from Soho to Grand Central. For those of you who aren't familiar with the area, Soho to Grand Central is about 1000 miles. I know I know! Yes we are aware that there is a subway system but I wanted to stroll with my husband k? When we got to Grand Central, I was so tired, it hurt to blink.

We have only been walking for about 10 mins. Sure we look happy! We are about to eat sushi!

On a side note, whens the last time you drove in New York and saw Bambi hopping down the street?

Or whens the last time you saw this? So much patience...

It seems that just about every movie that has come out in the last couple of years that takes place in New York is about disaster? Haven't seem Pelham but I think it can be categorized with the others.
Matt thinks its funny to take pictures of me sleeping. This is his latest action shot.
Fill in the blank....I am dreaming about.....
I love him! He makes me so happy!