Aug 20, 2009

I need help!!

Things that I would love to know how to do...

- Add videos to this blog from youtube

- Save videos from YouTube to my computer

- Burn DVDs on my laptop

- Copy my friends carrot cake recipe so that the carrot cake tastes JUST LIKE hers

...You know what? On second thought, scratch the last one. That carrot cake recipe had an encounter that I never...I repeat...never want to experience again. Lets just say that I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseated. Enough said.

As far as the other three....ANYONE?? HELP!!

Aug 10, 2009

Our Top 20 in the Last 20 Days

Found a beautiful state park right by where we live! I'm not much of a nature girl therefore I tend to stay away from hiking, camping, etc. However, this park is somewhat of an Enchanted Forest complete with a lake, canoe rentals, and a remarkable view at sunset. The only downfall of this gorgeous little get-away is the fact that this forest, I presume, is packed with ticks. Every time I feel an itch on my leg, I scream that I indeed have a tick on me.

We heart the view of the lake from the trail!
Stopped to take a couple of pictures. Matt keeps pointing out that every picture of us looks exactly the same ...just different clothes. Its always me that holds the camera and snaps the picture. How else are we going to capture pictures of ourselves? There are only so many places to leave a camera propped up and the self-timer on! Haha
Captured a be-eau-ti-ful view of the lake!

Straddled a bridge and overcame my feat of heights!
Watched the sunset.
Found buried treasure. (or just minnows)
Watched the turtles poke their little heads out of the water only to quickly disappear as soon as they spotted you!
Played fetch with Remington.

Tried to keep Rockie from jumping into the Lake after Remington.
Only to have given in to the temptation of throwing him in.
Went to a museum and attended a "Meet the Animals" class where this guy whipped out a baby alligator out of a cooler. Only in North Carolina...
Celebrated our 3 Year Anniversary!! Posed hungrily as we waited for our 4-course meal to begin!
Posed with cheesy smiles after our cheese fondue!
Posed again, just like in the other park picture as we ventured back to the park yesterday!

Captured more scenic shots of the lake.
Explored the bridge.
Tried throwing Rockie back into the lake. Watched the sunset..