Jan 26, 2010

An Itty Bitty Update

What? A post? Crazy right..? But really I couldn't go another couple of weeks without updating this old bloggy here. It has been eating away at me ever so slowly. I would think about it at work, at church, etc. Finally, this morning, I had no excuse so here I am, all of me...in my Lulu Lemon workout wear and all, back from my Pilates class posed with my hot little fingers above the keyboard ready to type away.

Matt and I are still going back and forth between renting and buying. Each one has its perks and we just cant decide. Plus, there are so many other factors that are playing a key role in our decision making process but I wont waste our time. All in all, I just want a house. End of story.

(Please be ours!! We love the neighborhood, we love the inside!)

I have been thinking a lot about pregnancy lately. Part of it is my bestie who is currently pregnant, part of it is because its in my near future but I just cant make up my mind these days about anything it seems like! Do I get pregnant in the Spring? Summer? Fall? Why is this so hard? I feel like I need to plan because we are just not getting pregnant using prevention and it just seems like that would be the best way to get pregnant because you dont have to plan for it. Do I get pregnant in the Spring and not be able to wear my bikinis and tan? Matt thinks this is ridiculous and that I'm thinking about it way too much but I feel like this is a big deal! I guess I just like to plan. Or do we wait for the summer time? But thats just too far away... Ugh! See what I mean? Decisions, decisions.

Back by popular demand - Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thing 1 got stuck under the entertainment center, a couple of nights ago, after she thrusted her chubby body underneath insearch of a little pebble of food (as if we dont feed her enough.) After snatching it up, Thing 1 attempted to wiggle her way from underneath the entertainment center, but was only able to get her head out. The body..stuck. The pebble popped out of her mouth and landed about a foot in front of her. Thing 2, seeing a pebble, got excited, jumped up, ran to the pebble that belonged to Thing 1, and ate it.
Thing 1, in response, shoved her head back underneath the entertainment center along with the rest of her body and pouted until we decided to release her by lifting up the entertainment center. Thing 2 was just happy about his lucky "find" and had no idea why Thing 1 was a bit p-oed. He is a thinker that Rockie dog.