Oct 7, 2008

Na na na na...Hey..Hey..Hey...Goodbye!

It's inevitable that change will come sooner or later. For Matt and I, change is what the future holds for us. I like to look at change as something positive. I believe that with every experience, you gain knowledge and grow as a person. After the growth has passed, you look back and see that indeed that change has made you into a stronger, wiser, better person and you become grateful for that change. That leads me to believe that change is indeed a positive matter!
Are these safe to eat? Every morning I cook eggs for Matt before I head off to the gym so that when he gets home from the gym his breakfast is ready! When this contraption landed on the skillet, a couple of mornings ago, I questioned my relationship with eggs. I have never found them to be gross.. until I saw these twins. I dont know why, the more I look at this picture, the more I am repulsed by it! ARE THESE SAFE TO EAT?

Yeah baby! The 1,233.6 is the distance that my awesome husband and I will be traveling on Thursday morning! That's right! So long Texas and hello Las Vegas! We are leaving at about 5 am and will be arriving in good ol' Vegas at around 8-9 pm. Believe it or not, I am actually looking very much forward to this!

My sweet husband walked out of the bedroom last night with these lovely pajamas that devour the body of whoever puts them on. All I could do was stare. I believe the words "What the.." escaped my lips. As I put these ginormous bottoms on for the picture, I felt as though I was doing a Weight Watchers commercial. Well good news! I now weigh half of what I used to weigh thanks to these pants!!
I think the 400 lb club called and said they wanted their pajama bottoms back. What do you guys think? Slash and trash or keep and wear?
In the meantime, we will be packin for home and the next post will be in Vegas!!!!!