Oct 16, 2011

It was on my to-do list! I swear!

Almost a year later... It's a little hard to recap the last year in one little posting. So weird. I blinked and a year has passed by. Just like that. I hardly have any pictures to document it. My computer keeps eating the ones I upload and stores them away in a place where this bloggy blog cant seem to find when I attempt to do a search. You'll be happy to know that I took all of your suggestions and indeed have a shrine of Matt and I in our front room. Thankyouverymuch for that. Since then, Christmas came and went, good presents, Valentines Day, Matts Birthday, our Miami trip (documented below), the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom that I am obsessed with, our Anniversary (documented), had our back yard done, and Matt did a fitness competition. Here goes a snippet.. Did you know there is a 45 min. cut off before which you have to check in or you will miss your flight? Crazy right? We found out the hard way. 6 am flight = bad idea. We arrived at the airport at 5:10ish...and by the time we checked in, we were told by the automated system "You have been re-routed. You have missed your flight. Please see the desk to your left." Awesome. I, being the giddy self that I am sometimes at 6 am kept telling Matt it would be alright and that the friendly man at the counter would help us. El - wrongo! Not friendly and could really give a ...you know what. I have never seen my husbands blood boil but I got a glimpse that morning. Long story short, we were due to arrive in Miami at 1pm, but after our super heated little debate during which I'm surprised the man lived (I thought Matt was going to kill him with his bare hands), we sat at the airport for 3 hours, flew to Dallas, sat there for 2 hours, flew to Miami and arrived at....7pm. Boo.

The Fontainebleau was amazing!

I dont really know why this picture popped up here but this picture and the one below
were taken here in Vegas when my parents came down from Utah to visit.

Back to Miami... Ah-Ma-Zing

REMEMBER- cut off time for flights is 45 mins!!!

The view from our suite at the Fontainebleau

We reserved one whole day for laying out. Ordered virgin Pina Colatas - were brought some that weren't and after Matt thoroughly inspecting it, sending it back! We also rented some jet skiis and had our way with the water

This is our Newport Beach trip for our 5 year Anniversary! Loved it! Our little tradition of Newport to celebrate our Anniversary - love it. Here we are ready for Mortons!

Laguna Beach