Feb 25, 2009


Only in Las Vegas will you find this book in the "Self-Improvement" Section along with Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, etc. Right next to "Courage to be YOURSELF" lounges Tila Tequila. Once again...WORD?

Feb 18, 2009

Oh Red Mango -

Red Mango. Two words. So simple. So delicious. Brings two people together like no other dessert place! I have to admit, I literally have nightly cravings for this little cup of deliciousness. And my sweet sweet husband...how he goes along with it even though he isn't a huge fan.

I have never had a problem sharing food with my husband. I usually want him to eat off my plate! However.... as soon as Red Mango came into my life, my food-sharing perspective changed quite drastically. Mark my words.. I will have a Red Mango machine in our house one day. I know what you are thinking... dessert = jiggly butt and unflattering figure but oh how wrong you are! This dessert is actually good for you. It's frozen yogurt for crying out loud! And I think I'm in love!

This is the cup of deliciousness I was referring to earlier. You need to do yourself a favor by going here...TONIGHT! Forget the Jamba and the Cold Stone and whatever else. It is Red Mango time baby and this stuff will change your life.

Matt and I drove to Salina on Sunday morning for my cousins Homecoming! He served in the Philippines and developed such a strong love for the people there. After the luncheon, that proceeded Josh's Homecoming, Matt and I took a longer route back home so we could stop at Manti and take some pictures in front of the temple that we were married in two and a half year ago! So fun!
We have a picture just like this of Matt carrying me out of the temple on our wedding day.

Seriously...so blessed! haha