May 9, 2008

Oh the Bugs You will Find in Texas

Two nights ago Matt came home and told me that his legs were itching way bad because of all the mosquitos that have been biting him. When I was trying to get him medicine at the store, I came to find out that in fact they weren't mosquitos but chiggers! Nasty little poops they are because they cause you to itch as bad as if you had poison ivy rubbed all over your legs! I felt so bad because all of last night his legs just kept itching so bad and to make matters worse, Matt woke up this morning at five am because his legs were on fire! I attemped to examine his legs this morning and upon first sight just said "Honey your legs look just fine!"...And then he turned his legs so his calf was exposed and my opinion changed just a little bit. He has red spots all over the back of both legs! So just a side note, if you are traveling to Texas, bring lots and lots of chigger repellant!


Megan & Brock said...

That sucks!! I'm so sorry! I hope everything else has been a fun experience! I love Texas..but I have never had anything like that happen! Sad.

~FRANCOM FUN~ said...

Tanya...this is Taeya (boyack) Francom. Cory's sister! I'm so glad to find ur blog. Your so cute!