Apr 30, 2009

Wish You Were Here

We have been so busy. Hence the lack of posts. So sorry! Heres an overwhelming bundle of pictures from the past couple of weeks in New York.

We have been to the Rockefeller Plaza twice and love it. I just think...How romantic this is at Christmas time! Skating, sipping hot cocoa, holding hands.. And then I remember that you can do the exact same thing in Utah.

My new best 5 year old friend from Idaho. I just love him. Kanon. He is a little goof ball and his little sister, Kapri, makes you want to have kids. I proposed the idea to Matt and he told me to stick to our originial plans.. So next Spring it is.. Bummer!
This is where we live! Right on the Hudson River. Equipped with a 24 hour Concierge, 3 gyms, and all the little extras, I have no complaints. Jadakiss lives in the next tower over from us. Ha! I have secretly been trying to spot him each day as I walk by his tower on my way to the dance studio for my pilates class. I will keep you guys posted. No sign of him just yet but I am determined.
Pretty much is the worlds best deli. Any guy would agree because the sandwiches consist of bread with a at least a pound of meat in between. As for the girls, the cheesecake is to die for. It puts Cheesecake Factory to shame.

I turned to Matt and asked him if there really were guys inside painting the glass red. Oops! It's one great commercial.

Apr 18, 2009

Start Spreading the News.. New York - New York!!

After a week of chaos, we were finally packed up and ready to head out! With both of our cars loaded up, we made the trek to Las Vegas where we were able to spend two fun days with friends and family. We even got a chance to squeeze in a little birthday dinner for Matt with some of his closest friends.

Tuesday morning we started our road trip by driving to Denver where both of Matts grandparents live. Matt so badly wanted to spend his Birthday (which was on the 8th) with his grandparents and family which he loves so much.

Our poor dogs.. We were sure someone was going to call PETA on us. The back of the Audi was filled with our clothing and the only place that we could fit Cookie and Rockies kennels was right in between the bar of tightly compressed clothing. We literally had to dig through our clothing to find them.

Grandpa and Grandma Akridge got Matt this cute little Birthday cake. I think he enjoyed it! The expression on his face says it all.

Grandpa and Grandma Akridge took us to a wonderful seafood restaurant called Bonefish for Matts Birthday. It was delicious! We highly recommend it if you are ever in Denver. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
At 6 am on Thursday morning.. Matt and I drove through...Merino, Ogallala, Brady, Lexington, Kearney, Grand Island, Lincoln, Omaha, Adair, Des Moines, Williamsburg, Iowa City, Moline, Joliet, Gary, South Bend, and Elkhart where we stopped for the night. 1,050 miles later. We checked in, walked into our room, were disguisted by the smell of smoke, rechecked back into another room, snuck the dogs in, tried to keep Rockie from barking because we didn't want to get fined especially at 1 am, freaked out when the fire alarm went off because we had no idea whether to bring the dogs out with us or just to leave them in the hotel room and take our chances, calmed down once the alarm stopped, re-freaked out when it went back off again, calmed down when we heard it was a "drill", threatened Rockie with his life after he barked and we were sure we were caught, had to keep the TV on all night to prevent him from barking at every noise he heard outside the door, woke up at 7am and drove through...
Toledo, Elyria, Boardman, Youngstown, Blanchard, Bloomsburg, Fairview and finally...FINALLY...NEW YORK!
2541.36 miles .... 38 hours 40 mins later, we welcomed this sign with an exuberance of joy!

The next day Matt and I ventured out to Rockefeller Center and did some shopping and sightseeing. I probably should have checked the weather before I packed our clothing. I dont know why I associate New York with the Summer but I do...hence the reason I only brought summer clothing and light jackets. No acceptable in 30 degree weather. No acceptable. No.

Freezing but who cares!! We are in NEW YORK for the next four months!!!!!!!!!