Dec 7, 2008

Escape to..Maui!

This past week we had the opportunity to vacation in Maui! It was a much needed vacation and we couldn't have asked for more!

Shout out for the Holidays! Being in 80 degree sunny weather caused me to think of the Holidays..never. Whenever we saw a Christmas tree or Christmas ornaments, they clashed with the surroundings because lets face it, Christmas and 80 degrees just dont really mesh well when you live in Provo.
We got the chance to go snorkeling and swim with turtles in front of Tiger Woods' home. These turtles are protected by the state of Hawaii and if you touch them, you are fined 10k. A huge one happened to be directly underneath me and as I attempted to scamble out of the fin touched it!
The water was freezing (none of the guys agreed) so I had to wear a wet suit and I still felt as though I was swimming in a bucket of ice water. Ouch.
This is Roger. I dont know who taught him this; all I know is that he is a genious. This is Roger waving to you. He would do this everytime you waved at him and the faster you waved, the faster he waved back at you!
We went to a Luau the night before we left. These Polies shook it like no other. They told us their secret of "the shake" but I will never share.
Crazy spinning ball things. I was waiting for someone to get whacked.
A little crispy. Can you tell??
This is THE buff one and what can I say.. I had to snap a little one on one with him!

The Hyatt had the most amazing breakfast ever and every morning, Matt and I endulged. I can never look at breakfast the same after staying here!
The view from the back of the resort. It was a little hard to leave.
Matt kind of looks like he's in pain in this picture and he has every right to look just that. He didn't put on a lot of sun block and his back was flaming red.
Maui Wowie!
So supposedly this sunked boat has been at this location for 3 years and the man who owns it has a 3 million dollar fine for not moving it. I hope someone told him.."Move your boat!!"

The last supper! Our last lunch at BJ's before our red-eye flight home. Great ending to a wonderful vacation!!