Nov 16, 2010

Lets Vote Shall We?

We went to Calico Basin for these pictures this past weekend. Please pick your top three (or jjust rate all of them)! I need to figure out which ones to put up on the wall! HELP!

Nov 11, 2010

It's Kind of a Blur..

In a nutshell, over the last couple of weeks (or months..its kind of a blur) we have...
settled more into our home, finally bought the shelves at Pottery Barn that I have been wanting, scratched up our wall trying to put them on, swore..a little in the process, woved to never buy them again, took them back because they were defective, ordered three more because they didnt have them instock (I love them despite the two hour ordeal that I chose to erase from my memory), installed them, love them, worked, passed the Anniversary Sale along with the Half Yearly Sale, limped around because Matt sprained his ankle playing football, watched the bruise on the inside and outside of his foot go from blue to black to purple, drove to Utah (Provo) and back in 24 hours for my besties baby blessing(love her), got sick, and cant breathe...and last but not least...we are not pregnant. But we are getting our pictures done this weekend and I am so excited!!