Apr 26, 2010

I'm a Lion - Hear me Roar

Cookie went from this...

to this!
And she is quite happy about it.
Yeah buddy.

Apr 18, 2010

Our Home (pics. included)

We were able to finally move into our home on Friday, April 9th, the day after Matt's Birthday! This is us pictured on Saturday morning about to head off to Pahrump for Megan's wedding (Matt's sister.)

Megan looked beautiful in her dress and I teared up watching her walk down the isle. She looked so grown up and so stunning. Just like Catherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, I love to look back at the groom and watch his expression while everyone first lays their eyes on the bride. Jerry was smiling ear to ear!
This is my favorite picture of the night. This is Megan dancing with her dad, my father-in-law. I love her expression - so dainty!
The typical "Matt and Tanya" shot. Aunt Carolyn informed us that we are now a household name and whenever they take pictures of themselves, they are called the "Matt and Tanya."
We totally predicted this. Haha!
We plan on making walks a regular part of our Sunday afternoons. There is a beautiful park right by our neighborhood that has playgrounds, grassy areas, and walking trails up mountains.
The view of our community from the top of the mountain.
Cookie and Rockie almost died. Cookie was carried most of the way and poor Rock Dog was dragging just a bit.
I'm not sure if this is Penn or Tellers house but one of them owns this house located just on the other side of the mountain you hike. This is the view of their house from the top.

The view of the strip from our side of town. I love that the strip is just 15 mins away but yet a long distance off.
We are in love with Mountains Edge. So peaceful and quiet yet modern and perfect!
Matt loves history and we couldn't leave to go back down the trail until he had the chance to read everything these plaques said about the history of the Mountains Edge area.
Our new home!!!
We're just glad Rockie fits right in.
After our little Sunday walk.
One of Matt's friend came over and the second he saw Cookie he asked if a Ramba came with the house. I pretty much died. Truer words have never been spoken.
So happy!!

Apr 14, 2010

Welcome Home

We are in our new house and we couldn't be happier. Everyday is bliss and each and everyday I look forward to doing laundry, cooking, and of course...vaccumming with the new Dyson. That thing's a beast! I have never loved cleaning but then again I figure new house, new me! (as far as cleaning goes! ) We have finally organized everything and had the doggy door put it and no, Cookie and Rockie have no idea what's going on. Matt and I just shove them through it in hopes of them learning one day. Our laundry has been overflowing and to make matters worse, each morning Rockie finds a way into our closet and rolls in our laundry. Stinky dog! Last night we finally got our washer and dryer and I fell asleep to the quiet hum of cleanliness. (Pictures to come soon!)