May 13, 2008

Just a lil Update

Texas has been great! We are just loving it. The weather is a little different from Las Vegas but we are adjusting to the humidity. It's actually kind of nice! Matt is usually out at work from 12pm-10pm and the girls and I kind of do our own thing. It's been so much fun though! I can finally catch up on all of the reading that I have been wanting to get done. I will be starting the Twilight series today and I'm so excited! I've also been able to start up yoga again and I can't get enough of it. I take classes three times a week and crave them on the days that I cant take them. All of us will also be volunteering at a Hospice in Ft. Worth starting next week and I cant wait for that! I have missed the opportunity to volunteer but I finally have time for that! I'm so incredibly proud of my husband and for all of his hard work. He means the world to me and I'm so excited to be with him forever!


Brittney said...

Oh my goodness! how did you find me? So you guys are in texas? How fun! I hear the money is good in security systems... Good Luck! When you come back will you go back to nordys?

Zach and Tiff nelson said...

Isn't Texas great??? I'm loving it so far! I'm sure much more fun is in store! :)