Mar 18, 2010

Just Shoot Me

I have totally had my eye on these sweet little Miss Sixty sandals for a couple of days. I finally went downstairs today to buy them and I am heartbroken. It totally felt like my little toe was being amputated. I am so sad. Why cant I get over it already?? Uuuuggghhhhh I totally made plans for them and everything. They were going to join the family and let me just tell you..they would have been the perfect fit. Once again..uuggghhhhh

Mar 14, 2010

Hi. I love you.

I am obsessed. Really. I am. I just watched "Julie and Julia" and I'm telling you, I want to bone a duck. Weird right? But I do. I want to bone a duck. I want to cook a lobster (after i kill it.) Strange but true. And I'm going to do it. One day soon. When we are in our new house (secret's out) April 5th is our closing date. We seriously couldn't be more excited!! Back to "Julie and Julia" though.. I wasn't so much intrigued by her life as I was by the cooking. I want to buy "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and follow each recipe. Well maybe not EACH recipe because I am quite selective and lets just be honest here for a moment..Matt isn't going to eat liver. But in the meantime, I fantasize about cooking every recipe in the comfort of our new home which we will ever so soon be in!

On side note...Matt watched 10 mins of the movie and though it was a complete waste of time.

On a different side note.. it's 7 pm and its light outside. Loveeee it!