Dec 27, 2009

27th of December

I have decided to post 27 randoms in celebration of this, the 27th day of December, the day I have finally updated the blogster.

27. I have a love/hate relationship being back in Vegas. I love it! Then I hate it.

26. I love it more!
25. We dont have to use the GPS when driving around! Its kind of nice for a change. You actually get to sit in silence (if you so choose) without having to listen to the GPS saying..recalculating.... ..recalculating or "when possible...make a U-turn." annoying.

24. I didn't return a single thing I got for Christmas.

23. Neither did Matt. Perhaps it's because we picked most of our own gifts? Haha!

22. I will never stop shopping at Nordstrom.

21. I love what I do.

20. Went on a date night last night to In'N'Out and then saw Blindside.

19. Have never been more inspired.

18. I cant wait for March.

17. I need to stop in at Lulu Lemon and thank the regional manager for helping Matt pick out the cutest stuff for me!
16. Cant seem to find an amazing pair of black boots anywhere.

15. Have been laughing out loud reading peoples blogs/facebook posts.

14. Love love love boyfriend jeans with boots.

13. I just stalled for a I really finally posting? Perhaps I will be able to sleep peacefully tonight!

12. I can now look back and laugh. Remember the time....?

11. I am so proud of my husband. Everytime I look over at him, I feel so lucky! He is wonderful.
10. I seriously love my customers.

9. I love it when Matt carries my purse. I love that he laughs when people say something about it because to me, he is just drop dead sexy.

8. I talked to the cutest little four year old boy today at Church who told me what he got for Christmas. In the same sentence he mentioned that he got a train with a bridge, toys, and that he was four years old. I now want a little boy more than ever.

7. I have no doubt that we are going to find the perfect home in Mountains Edge.

6. This is a fact...Rockie, our male chihuahua, is a thinker. No matter what Matt says, Rockie is not slow.

5. Love the name Lucy. We are naming our first daughter that. Lucy Kate. I want to call her "Elle" for short.

4. Talked to my grandma who lives in Ukraine. I realized I must have sounded "retarded" for lack of a better term since I could only utter "Very Good" and "I love you very much" in between which my mom had to translate everything else.

3. I was whitening my teeth the other day and felt a burning sensation. I removed the tray and revealed my newly-dyed white gums. Within five minutes, they were back to normal and I layed off the bleaching kit for a couple of days.

2.5 I currently have the bleaching trays in my mouth.

2. I cant wait until I have spare time to Volunteer at Ronald McDonald again.

1. I have been planning. Planning for our future house. Planning for our future family. Planning for the future....only to realize that I need to stop planning so much and learn to live in "day-tight compartments."

Going back to post 20... Have you guys seen Blindside? I dont think I have ever been more inspired in a movie. I was moved. I left the movie theater feeling like a different person. I want to be Sandra Bullock in the movie. I want to be able to do what she did for Michael. Sandra Bullock was outstanding. SJ was the funniest little kid. I want one just like him. Blindside is a movie we are adding to our collection without a doubt. I feel as though it has changed my whole outlook on life.