Aug 15, 2010


Matt and I just celebrated our four year Anniversary. crazy. I know. F-O-U-R years! It was bliss though. Pure bliss I tell ya! We headed for California for four days (get it? four) and it was pretty much amazing. I used to love Vegas but after our little get away, I hate it. I want to move to California permanently and never go anywhere else. Mark my words, we are going to own a home in Newport Beach one day. That day cant come soon enough!

Right after we checked in, we headed for the beach!

This little park in Newport had a swing set and I couldn't resist. I love to swing!

Matthew doing some pull ups.
Our original plan was to go to Geisha House on the night of our Anniversary but we realized it was an hour and a half away so we quickly eliminated that idea. Mortons was only 5 mins away so off we went!

We headed to Huntington the new morning..

And we didn't even realize it was the US open!

Matt wanted his toes to be flailing in the picture.

A little on the powdery side babe..
He lost his glasses in the water so I let him borrow mine for a sec.

This guy was hilarious. I regret not getting a frontal shot

Fashion Island

Our attempts at jumping pictures

Kaisen Sushi!! So good! I have totally missed this place

Heading to South Coast plaza and then dinner!

We love a little place called Rockin Baja and Lobster on Newport Pier. It is always packed. It offers some of the best seafood. We had a 45 min wait so we grabbed some ice cream and walked up the pier.

I am so in love with this guy.


Seafood Bucked thats to die for!

Of course, Pinkberry

My boots hurt my feet


Our last day...we were so sad!

We rented some bikes and rode around Newport as we picked out beach homes..

Smashball is seriously the funnest game to ever play at the beach. Next time you go, buy it! The best $9 you will ever spend!

We had a blast!