Oct 18, 2009

Not Counting Sheep

Its 12:17 am and I am blog stalking. Why? Because its like one of my favorite past times. I'm obsessed. I go from one blog to another and on to another, etc. I just click on the names of couples that look good and go on from there. It's kind of like a triathlon. You never know where you will get to although you start and lets face it, you never planned on finishing in the first place. Sometimes you even surprise yourself because through the tangled web of couples, babies, families, dogs...you might actually find someone 10 people down the line that you know! Tada!! Although perhaps I need to calm down my obsession because there is a certain couple whose blog I frequently check because they are so dang cute and I just cant help it!! Anyway...when I was working at the Nordstrom in Provo.. they actually came into my department. I got kind of excited and almost started waving at them as they look over at me. Yes, almost. Therefore.. I have come to the conclusion that I am stopping. (maybe)
Admit it....you do it too!!!

Oct 15, 2009

50% Complete

We all have areas of our lives that we tend to slack on. One of my personal downfalls is the blog. Why can I not bring myself to post on this frequently? Perhaps I feel that Facebook is so much more simple? But yet it isn't much more simple than the good ole blogster here. So this leaves me in deep reflection.

Perhaps I am just not a blogger?

But I would feel incomplete without a blog!

Perhaps I am just lazy?

To this I have no rebuttal.

My number one fan and lover is gone until the 24th and I am counting down the days. This has been the longest we have ever been apart and I miss him terribly already. I dropped him off at the airport at 7am yesterday morning and as I left the airport, I felt only 50% complete.

Love you my handsome husband!!

Oct 6, 2009

Pictures are worth a thousand words