Jan 24, 2009

Moms and their Vans

I used to not think anything much of a mom in a minivan. That's the "typical mom" image of a soccer mom right? However, my perception of minivan moms has been skewed. Now, whenever I see a mom in a minivan my first reaction is RUN! "Why?" might you ask.. Well, lately I feel as though I have been bombarded my these prehistoric automobiles. I found a note under my windshield wiper yesterday that said "I think I might have caused some damage to the back of your car. 801-......" (she left her number) After calling her and finding out what happened.. what kind of a car do you think she was driving? Yup! A minivan. Are these cars so ginormous that you are required to have a special license to operate them? Dont get me wrong, I am grateful for the note and the phone number she left! The point is... it was a minivan! Then today, I was waiting for a parking space outside of Nordstrom..patiently waiting for a mom to load up everything into her Suburban. As soon as she pulled out, a minivan literally cut me off and zipped into the much awaited spot. This confirms my theory.. minivans are bad news. When you see them..RUN!

Jan 13, 2009

at Last!

Six business days later, these babies finally arrived at my front door step. The day after I order something, I begin to check our front door repeatedly for packages (although I know it takes at least five days to receive it.) I never call the store to track my package or anything like that..I just compulsively check my front door in hopes of seeing my purchase! This past Friday night, at six pm, I happened to look out my front window into our front yard where I saw the FedEx truck. My hands started to sweat and I'm not going to lie...I might have salivated a little bit. A second later, I realized that the only light in the room was the light behind me thus casting an eerie scene to the sweet FedEx man with my face pressed up against the glass, salivating. I quickly jumped behind the curtain concealing my excitement. I peeked out the window from behind the curtain and impatiently awaited for the FedEx guy to place the box on our front door step, crunch away in the snow toward his truck, hop in it, and drive away. A second later, I had the Nordstrom box in my hands ripping away at the package as if I was a five year old searching for a Barbie on Christmas morning. The result..one heck of a tall, amazing pair of Ash boots! Tada!

Jan 9, 2009


This was my fourth and final attempt at posting a new entry. I told myself if somehow something would come up that wouldnt let me post (an error, currently unavailable, etc.) I would abandon the blog. As much as I hoped for that error message, I got nothing! I'm thinking its fate and I am destined to post about Christmas.

My parents and brother came up here from Las Vegas to spend Christmas Day with Matt and I. We opened gifts, ate, went and saw "Yes Man", built a snow man (that has been terrorized by some elementary school kid and left in a jumble in our front yard), ate a big dinner and then said our goodbyes.
What a ferocious watch dog! Having this guy in the house sure does keep me safe..who needs a security system when you have a 10 pounder! (jk)