Jan 9, 2009


This was my fourth and final attempt at posting a new entry. I told myself if somehow something would come up that wouldnt let me post (an error, currently unavailable, etc.) I would abandon the blog. As much as I hoped for that error message, I got nothing! I'm thinking its fate and I am destined to post about Christmas.

My parents and brother came up here from Las Vegas to spend Christmas Day with Matt and I. We opened gifts, ate, went and saw "Yes Man", built a snow man (that has been terrorized by some elementary school kid and left in a jumble in our front yard), ate a big dinner and then said our goodbyes.
What a ferocious watch dog! Having this guy in the house sure does keep me safe..who needs a security system when you have a 10 pounder! (jk)


Nicole Cave said...

Sometimes the computer is just crap...glad everything is working now!!

Preston & Shawnee said...

Why hello Tanya, it's been too long!! So does your internet not work very well, how come you keep getting errors? I'm glad your family came to Utah and you guys got to spend time with them, sounds like you had a merry christmas :)
Can we please talk and catch up sometime?!! I can't believe how long it's been.
P.S. I'm so jealous you guys went to Maui, that looks pretty appealing right now! I'm glad you had a fun little vacation.

Chris and Holly said...

Looking at all of that snow makes me so glad that the snow here has already melted! Sounds like you guys had a Christmas!

Jayci said...

that is a HUGE snowman... and one tiny dog for a hat! :P