Jul 31, 2008

Mansfield Life

It seems as though just about every week, I find myself with Matt at Buffalo Wild Wings. Why? My husband is obsessed with it! Personally, I will be perfectly fine if I never step my foot inside another BWW ever again. I just keep hoping that one of these days he might get sick of it.. so far, no sign of that! As for me, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed! Oh and guess where we are going tonight? ..I think you know!

Matt and I are huge sushi lovers! Now sushi is something that I can eat everyday! It's so delicious! Mmm..thinking about it is making my mouth water! Here in Mansfield, it seems as if no one likes sushi because you hardly see sushi places! Dont get me wrong, there are a couple here but they all stop seating at 9:30 and that makes it hard because Matt usually doesn't get home until about 10 or so. Last week, for the first time this summer, Matt was able to get off of work at 7pm! He came home while it was still light out! So, we decided to try out some Mansfield sushi. To report, it wasn't all that bad! Kona Grill and Sapporos are still our picks though!
Shawnees birthday! (in the pink) Our sweet friend Shawnee turned 22 this past week and we went out and celebrated! We started with On the Border, then Mama Mia, and then Cold Stone! It was all mucho bueno!
I got this Mac lip gloss that is supposedly a lip plumper as well. We all thought we would try it out. Somehow, the only thing it does to my lips is make them feel as if they were covered with Tabasco sauce! Who wouldn't want that sensation without a plumping result?! Something I'm still trying to get used to.

Mr. Brown!! This is one of our favorites - Mr. Brown - who we visit every week at the Hospice. He is such a sweet man! He is a true cowboy at heart who loves Johnny Cash, cowboy hats, and puzzles. He talks about his daughter non stop and truly enjoys any ones visits. I think volunteering at this Hospice has made me realize how important it is to visit with family on a continual basis. We love all of our new friends at the Hospice!!


Zach and Tiff nelson said...

Fun Fun!!! I hear ya on BWW...I sure am sick of it but fortunately zach isn't obsessed with it! Instead, he can't get enough of Texas Roadhouse (but I can't complain too much about that)! haha...Good ole Mansfield. It will be a sad and happy day when we all leave :(

Sammy and Landon said...

Our lips look really really really big in that picture...wow

Zack and Victoria said...

Hey tanya... it looks like you are having lots of fun down there in Texas. I hope your enjoying landon and sammy cuz i am missin them TONZ. You two look great!! When you get back to vegas gimmie a call... Zack and i will go get sushi with you. I think we love it just as much as you do :o)

Britt and Rick said...

You look great! Juicy lips. I love the older generation of men. My Grandpa was a Cowboy all the way. It's so fun to listen to their stories and what they have done in their lives. Example: My grandpa rode a horse into a bar in New York City.A horse in New york?

Jayci said...

that is so nice about Mr. Brown. What a nice experience you must be having with your volunteer work. Sorry about BWW. I've only been once, and it was just okay. What does your husband get there that's so good? You are a sweet wife for going so often!! :)

alexis said...

how great of you to visit the elderly! you are an inspiration. you and matt look so cute and it looks like you guys are having a great time....... and tommy was the same way about BWW a few years ago, and he got sick a few times so we don't really go there any more. so there's hope.