Jul 14, 2008

* * *4th of July * * *

Only in Texas.. So many colorful tractors in the Arlington Parade!!

I am so grateful to be living in such a great country where we are able to enjoy so many things. Freedom is priceless..

Smooch Smooch behind the cowboy hat!
Enjoying the good ol' rodeo! I think Matt was reminiscing about his rodeo days...

My love is teaching me how to play pool! If you can tell on the pool table, I'm not even trying to hit the white ball! What kind of a pool game is my husband tryin to teach me?!


Jayci said...

You two are so dang cute. :) Don't you love how tractors drive on the freeways there?? Also, I love the friendly driving where people help you out when you want to pass them instead of getting mad at you. SO nice. Also, when I was driving my friend's mini van, her and her kids were asleep and I ran over a big bucket in the road (it was night time) and an old man pulled over to help us and cut it out with his handy pocket knife!! Only in Texas... aww you're so lucky to get to spend the summer there!! Keep having all the fun in the world, Tanya!! :D

Jessica said...

Hey girly! Looks like some rootin tootin fun! Yee haw!