Jun 25, 2008

Visiting Home!!

I have been holding off posting anything new because I wanted to make it juicy and fun so finally here it is! I have had just an amazing past month! Here it goes! I flew back home to Vegas this past Thursday for a family reunion and it was just so much fun! The family reunion was up in Salt Lake so I drove up there with my parents and brother Friday afternoon!
Is this not such a cute picture? My grandparents are in the middle! I love them so much!
Is she not the cutest little baby ever? This is Paisley Hallows! She is just adorable!

The reunion was outside in a park and by late afternoon, it was almost unbearable! This is my brother and I in the car ready for the AC!

In my uncles home town, Salina, there was a hot air balloon show going on. My family and I met up with my oldest brother there and his two daughters. Are they not so stinkin cute? I couldn't get enough of them! Reagan and little Adyson!

My parents are so awesome! I love them so much and I miss them! I know I keep saying it but aren't they cute?!
It's so good to get together with friends! My amazing friend Linda and I ready to hop in the pool in my parents backyard!!
This is my friend Megan and I! She is almost engaged and I'm so excited for her!! It's coming any day now..!! We went shopping all day on Friday! We met up at Anthropologie at Green Valley Ranch then headed to Cafe Rio then off to Townsquare followed by the Fashion Show!

These are the beauitful flowers my wonderful husband got for me. I walked into our apartment with my suitcase and there they were!! So thoughtful huh? He is just the sweetest! It's so good to be back home! I truly have missed Texas during my visit to Vegas!


Liesl said...

Ah thats nice you got to visit home! Isn't that new Townsquare mall amazing! And you are always so pretty!! All I know is that just last night my husband was wandering the house with a pouty face saying how much he missed Matt:( He gets to go to Vegas with me in a couple weeks and he is only half as happy cause you guys won't be there.

Preston & Shawnee said...

Cute dogs. Cute little baby girl. Cute white and green sweater :) Looks like you had a fun trip going home! (Sorry I know that was a while ago, but I got a little behind from going home myself.)
P.S. My roses are almost identical to yours and they're in the same vase. Haha.