Sep 5, 2010

As Long as I'm not a RS teacher

i recently got called to be the 1st Counselor in the Young Womens Presidency. all I can say is I am in LOVE! i LOVE my calling, i LOVE my Young Women, i LOVE being with them. they are wonderful and i'm in LOVE.


POJO Fitness said...

i would LOVE to be in young womens! and, thanks for adding my button!! ( i know you had to for the giveaway, but I love seeing it on other people's blog) but, i so wish we were both in provo just so you could come to my pilates and yoga classes!

Jessica said...

That is an awesome calling:) You are perfect for it. It was fun seeing you at Nordstrom before I left!

Linda Whitaker said...

Yeah! You will love YW's! I do!!