Apr 14, 2010

Welcome Home

We are in our new house and we couldn't be happier. Everyday is bliss and each and everyday I look forward to doing laundry, cooking, and of course...vaccumming with the new Dyson. That thing's a beast! I have never loved cleaning but then again I figure new house, new me! (as far as cleaning goes! ) We have finally organized everything and had the doggy door put it and no, Cookie and Rockie have no idea what's going on. Matt and I just shove them through it in hopes of them learning one day. Our laundry has been overflowing and to make matters worse, each morning Rockie finds a way into our closet and rolls in our laundry. Stinky dog! Last night we finally got our washer and dryer and I fell asleep to the quiet hum of cleanliness. (Pictures to come soon!)


Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

ooooh i love my dyson! we even got the dyson dustbuster because we loved our big one so much! im excited to see your new house! you have such cute style, and im sure your home decorating will be adorable!

Magdalena said...

Yay for new house! Aren't purple dysons just the cutest?

Holly said...

I'm jealous of the Dyson, friend. Congrats on the new house.