Feb 24, 2010


Big things are happening! Exciting news!!...that Mr. Wonderly wont let me share. He doesn't like to be telling the world everything before we are 100 percent sure about everything. For those of you thinking its a baby, check that off your list. Not yet. Not quite yet. Blah. We are so boring huh? Other than the big news... I've got nothing. Nothing at all. I love being back to Nordstrom! I really really do. Matt is studying and is so excited to be starting for Distinctive Insurance on the 1st. In between all the chaos, below is our pathetic attemp at capturing date night. I will try to at least get the eyeballs in the next picture.I love him! Cant wait to share all of our big changes!!


Magdalena said...

I want your hair in the last pic. Will you please shave your head and make me a wig? Please, for your homely pregnant friend?

The Everitts said...

oh yea, Mags, you are oh so homely.