Jul 17, 2009

We Have..

Moved! To North Carolina! We all saw this wonderful opportunity as fate and moved at the drop of a dime. We couldn't be any happier. Who ever thought that I would like North Carolina? Well...I do. I am in love with it. The malls, the beaches, the green everywhere... its pretty much the East Coast version of California with a couple of slight alterations. We are so happy here!!

A ridiculously incredible display of fireworks took place just in front of our apartments. Kids all around us ooohhhed and aaahhhhed at what they saw.
These two just panted and squirmed. Rockie sat in amazement and couldn't keep his eyes off of the fireworks. Cookie just panted and tried to run away as fast as her chubby bum could carry her.
If I used bad language, I would have when I saw this dinosaur laying in the street. Preposterously ginormous, I bet it could have eaten this hand.
This past weekend we drove to Wilmington Beach. It was pure bliss. Warm water, surfing competition, the white sand, the cutest little boutiques. Bliss I tell ya!
When we got home that night, Matt took his shirt off to reveal the lower half of his back to be as red as a lobster. He somehow tried to shift the blame onto me by telling me that he thought I rubbed sunscreen onto his whole back. Haha. So funny..so funny... In a way it is because you can actually see the imprint of my whole hand on his back where I tried to rub off the extra sunscreen off of my hand.
We even got to see Hanz and Franz! These guys were too funny. It kind of looks like the lady in the beach chair is covering her child's eyes. Hhhmmm.. if only Matt had done the same for me.

If you haven't already seen this movie, you have to! Matt and I haven't laughed so hard at the movies in a while! Brilliant and clever, this movie will keep you smiling long after you leave the theater. Plus, how cute is Sandra Bullock? She is my favorite! Not only does she play each role so well.. she also has the best clothes, especially in this movie. Plus, the eye candy opposite of her isn't too shabby either!
These are the babies she has on in the above pictured poster. Oh how I love Christian Louboutins. One day, I will own each and everyone of you!

And last but not least.. I think we all know Matt's obsession with BWW by now. Last night, I attempted to surprise my husband by telling him that BWW was for dinner. We hurried and jumped in the car, sped the 15 miles or so to the nearest BWW that our GPS picked up...drove around Chapel Hill starring into dark restaurants and cafes trying to find the BWW....THAT CLOSED DOWN YEARS AGO! Yes, what I say is true. It has been closed for YEARS! The nearest one was 30 miles away and being the good wife that I am... I suggested we go to that one because I saw the droopy-disappointed look on Matts face. He demanded that we eat just in the area that we were at. Considering that Chapel Hill is a college town, everything was closed except Jimmy Johns. As I stuffed my belly with an unwich (substituted the bread for lettuce), I couldn't help but long for those delicious Wild Wings of Buffaloes.


Miller Family said...

Very exciting! NC is beautiful. If you every want to spend a night in DC, we would love to have you!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

So fun!! I love North Carolina!Especially all of the yummy accents! What city are you in?
P.S. I went to the pre-sale at the Nordstrom in Vegas and was wishing you were my personal shopper there!!

Ashley and Jason said...

that's so great you like NC. im happy for you guys and your new life there. obtw, just saw tht movie and i love it, too!

Rory and Tosha Sargent said...

looks like you had fun at the beach!

Jayci said...

North Carolina sounds SOOO fabulous. I really am crossing my fingers that we end up there next! In Charleston. :) AH! What a fun place to live! I have loved Alaska and would love to live here forever.. but it's just not in the air force cards for us!

So are you getting addicted to BWW?! I've only eaten there once and I liked it a lot! I wish they had one up here! Alaska's missing out on a ton of good restaurants! Keep the updates coming! I love your posts!

Jessica said...

You are traveling machines! I love it:) Keep having fun!!

Megan & Brock said...

So I am way jealous. I have always wanted to go to North Carolina!! So dang fun. I am stuck in Iowa for the next 4 years and there are no beaches, but we do have BWW which is a plus, the shopping isn't great but beats some places i have been! Oh and the proposal is AWESome!! We loved it too. I cant wait to buy it!! And who doesn't love Christian Louboutins?! Yes facebook is addticting. When you have kids you just go on when they are asleep, but then your other responsibilities get done. Well you look so happy! I am glad! R u going to lindas wedding?

molly said...

i miss you!!! i love that my two sister in-laws commented you and i love that my whole family loves you and matt! you pretty much are family! remember when you came over the night before you left us for the first time to texas? anyways im real upset you wont be in utah this fall like you promised :( who is going to be my personal shopper and gossip buddy? anyways i love CL. there is a pair i want that are 800 dollars and they are silver glitter peep toe.. some day i will own them!! miss you come homeeeee

Ringer said...

Thats crazy that you guys our in NC now. You two are all over the place. We are actually going to be in Philadelphia in about 2 weeks for dental school. We'll have to keep in touch