May 22, 2009

A Big One

During one of our City trips, we stopped by the sight of the twin towers. We expected to see a large memorial erected right at the sight of the tragedy but to our surprise, just lots of construction. However, I think that makes me happy. Instead of letting this area sit in ruins and remain a constant reminder of loss and devastation, New York is moving forward; looking to the future. Gone, but never forgotten.

Full of sushi, happy as can be, waiting for the train to arrive.
This past weekend we attended the American Museum of Natural History and let me just tell I have never been to a more extravagent museum. Everything you could ever want to see in a day, I saw. It was such an amazing experience. Dinosaurs everywhere. Four levels of History/culture. Each different level was filled with hallways that focused on everything
from the Planetarium, Hall of the Universe, to the Hall of Planet Earth.
Looking at these pictures now, I cant believe that these mammals walked the earth! What if they weren't extict? How would they fit into our world today? How would the world be different??

The museum was filled with little wide-eyed kids who were pointing at everything. Cant wait til we have one!!

This one's for you Taylor. We found the famous turtle.

Nice and firm. Just how I like it!

Wasnt this room in the "Night of the Museum" movie?

This rock is supposedly the oldest rock. Ever. Weird. What made this one older than all the other rocks around it?
The Wooly Mammoth!
Enlarge this picture. It's just weird.

Matt used to have a horse named Squirrel. Thus, when he saw this shirt, he had to have it. When we were in the Hall of Planet Earth, Matt came across this little guy. He claimed the moment was picture worthy.

On our way from the museum to 5th avenue, just past the Lulu Lemon store, we stopped at a red light, looked up to our left, and this is what we saw. This is the temple! You would never know it would ya?!

On a side note, this lovely girl pictured above with Christian Audigier, went on a little shopping spree with me. She convinced me to get these because really, they are a must have. This is why I heart her.

And these are currently sitting ever so contently in my closet!! Thank you Tory Burch!


Jayci said...

i'm reading a scary book right now called Relic that takes place in that museum!! And right now there's a group inside the Hall of Dinosaurs! How fun. :D Your adventure sounds much friendlier and fun. ha ha! That temple is so cool. I got to go to church there once before it was a temple! What a neat place. I love new york! I'm loving your adventures, too. Keep the posts comin'!

Magdalena said...

Okay, so everyone hears it from me and not anyone else: I love Christian and and that charming little french man loves me. That's it, plain and simple. For the record again, I wanted those shoes but they did not have my size, now I live vicariously through you - my favorite fashionista. Until we shop again, friend!

Linda Bandley said...

Youre crazy tanya. I love the museum pictures. It makes me want to go way bad. It is soooooo cool! Tell Matt I say hi!

Preston & Shawnee said...

Fun fun fun Tanya! I'm not going to lie, I kinda miss all that summer stuff. So fun that you and Matt can go see tons of cool stuff, live it up while you can! (Don't get me wrong though, I love being a mommy :) He's just too little to go out right now, ha. And crazy about the temple, it doesn't look like a temple at all! I wonder what the inside looks like?

By the way, I sent you a thank you card seriously FOREVER ago and it came back to me in the mail. Not sure why? Maybe you can give me your address and I'll try again :)

Preston & Shawnee said...

P.S. You are so cute Tanya, ha I was dying when I read your message about having a system down to check my blog to see if we had the baby! Hahaha hilarious :) Thanks for your sweet message.

Ashton said...

oooh pretty shoes! how long are you guys in NY?! i love it! i'm loving reading everything on your blog! i haven't been there for like...4 years?! ahh. your pictures remind me that it's time to go back!

Braden and Heather said...

It looks like you two are having so much fun! New Youk is awesome, I'm jealous! Wow, I wonder if you can hear all of the traffic when your inside the temple..?

Tanner and Andrea said...

oh my gosh- i am so scarred from that monkey photo... why did i make it bigger?.. ew- that was just something so awful. lol. oh the other hand, cute shoes.

Jessica said...

That museum looks fun:) and cute shoes!