Nov 9, 2008

Snow? In November?

Is it really supposed to snow in November? I guess in a place that actually has four seasons, seeing snow in November is a common phenomenon. Oh Vegas, we long for ya!

I have been tagged so I hope my tagger is someone who actually reads this! Ashton!

..Campus Club School Uniforms (that was a slave joint to sum it up)
..Dental Faculty Practice as a personal assistant
..ASWA Law (good times)
..Nordstrom (enough said)

4 movies I have watched more than once
..10 things I hate about you
..Meet the Parents

4 places I have lived
..Las Vegas
..Texas (glad it's over)

4 TV shows I watch
..Ugly Betty
..Desperate Housewives

4 places I have been to
..Laguna Beach

4 people who text me regularly
..Chacha (242242. Try it. Any mind boggling question you have, THEY have the answer to.)
..Little bit of everyone

4 Things I am looking forward to in the coming year
..Moving back to LV
..Progressing in our lives!
..Helping my husband with all the upcoming responsibilities
..Having a baby!!

4 surprising facts
..Well for one, apparently our dog can read after she props herself up on Matts shoulder like a parrot.

..My husband goes to great lengths to capture the beloved Broncos game as we wait for cable! And he tells me he isn't all that creative! Well babe..I beg to differ!
..I am obsessed with cooking. The harder and more extravagant, the better!

..We are literally freezing!


The Mcclellan Family said...

It's true, your cooking is awesome! And thanks to Ayda you have seen Madagascar more than once, nice.

Linda Bandley said...

T-dawg! You look so beautiful in all of these pictures... you guys seriously have been on one long adventure. I like the picture of you in one leg of those pants!

Tanner and Andrea said...

Ah, I miss Provo... when Im not there- ;). Ok- wait a second... did you just announce that you are going to be having a baby? lol- I sure hope so! So when you move back to Vegas- We can hang out with our babies.. :)

Ashton said...

ahh ha! I DO read it! haha Where in Provo do you live?!! Let's hang out!! and!

Ashton said...

PS I used to live in New Mexico haha and that's totally what it's like. When we moved to Las Vegas, everyone asked if I was moving to Las Vegas New Mexico or Nevada.

Really? Who would move there...?

Sorensen Family said...

Hey I put our blog private but never got your e-mail. I didn't want you guys to think we blocked you out. If you do want to be invited just e-mail me your e-mail and we would love to have ya!

Rhett, Shauna, Alex & Kiara said...

How did I miss that you moved to Utah??? I hope you are enjoying it :) We miss it and can't wait to back home. Happy Thanksgiving next week!

Kathy's Boys said...

Hi Tonya, we are still waiting for you to come and dress us up at Nordstroms! What are you doing in Provo? Miss ya!

Jayci said...

are you pregnant? or are you just planning on having a baby this year? :) Sorry, I had to ask!

Well you might as well be in Alaska if it's snowing. Come on up!

Preston & Shawnee said...

Better pull out that windsheild snow scraper thing tanya. ya know? It's kinda like a squeejie. (don't know how to spell?) haha.

Matt and Tanya Wonderly said...

I am not pregnant yet! haha. We will be trying in the Spring. Just wanna set the record straight!

The Lund's said...

Tanya.. You probably think I am crazy, but I caught your blog through my friend Heidi Mickelsen who is Shauna's sister. I just have to say you are adorable and I'm wondering where you get all your cute clothes? Where do you mostly shop? Your style is identical to mine and I absolutely love it:)