Apr 27, 2008

Texas...Here we come!

Finally a Wonderly Blog has arrived! I have been wanting to do this for so long and finally have begun. We are both so excited to be able to post fun things on here! Texas...we thought...would be the best place to start.
Matt and I are both from Las Vegas and have pretty much lived here our whole lives. Time for an adventure right? So, we pretty much just packed up our stuff into storage, took what we could pack up in the mustang, and drove to Mansfield, TX. We will be here for four months and Matt will be selling home security systems for my cousins company, Platinum. We are so excited!
The drive down here took a little longer than we thought it would. Lets call it "forever and a day" (19 hours). We stayed in Amarillo, TX overnight to break up the long drive so now we can relate to George Strait when he sings all about Amarillo. The roads here are a little intense because freeways literally stream off of other freeways. Matt and I have already gotten lost plenty of times. A 20 min. drive takes at least 40. We are lovin' it though!


Linda Bandley said...

Yeah! You are such a great blogger already! Nice intro. And I just want you to know I was laughing so hard when you sent me that text about the bird pooping on Matt's head! Welcome to Texas is what is was thinking I guess. Ha ha! I am glad you finally have a blog.